About Us

Kalbarri Picture Framers has recently relocated to Eastern Tennessee, a stone’s throw from the spectacular Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We are excited about this opportunity to live and work in a unique natural environment steeped in American history, folklore, and harmonies. There is inspiration around every corner, in the bottom of every valley and from the top of each rise. We look forward to the new challenges that await us.

We expect that this relocation will also bring us new friends, many may even use us as an excuse to travel to the Appalachians for a look/see at what inspires us.

Be warned; this place is as alluring as a spring hatch to a native trout, and ever so easy to slip into.┬áThe mild climate, early spring blooms, spectacular fall colors and the true, gracious spirit and sincerity of the people you will meet can quickly turn you into an advocate of Eastern Tennessee and all it has to offer. But don’t feel disappointed or disadvantaged if Eastern Tennessee is out of reach for the moment. We are well accustomed to working with projects through the internet or even mailed to us!

Let’s talk about doing something special for you.