Our Products

While we are well grounded in the principles and practices of traditional picture framing, our stock and trade is in the production of a more unique style of framing,inspired and created of materials sourced from nature itself. This is usually in the form of either reclaimed materials or of truly rustic frames.


IMGP0705 BWe also understand that not everyone might want a truly rustic frame surrounding their image, but may still prefer the warmth and naturally classic look of a simple timber surround. So we also produce straightforward, furniture finished moldings from the more interesting and popular local timbers of the Appalachians. This includes regularly sourced materials from demolitions of local and historic buildings and structures including old docks, bridges, old farm outbuildings, barns and fences. From these materials we produce a good range of our own, simple timber frame profiles of natural hard and softwoods.

Depending upon what is available, our stocked profiles can range from under an inch wide to around 5 inches or more in width. They are fabricated to best show the warm colors and intricate grains of the timbers themselves.

Our stock of timbers changes regularly, dependent upon availability, and can typically include various oaks, walnuts, ash and cherry as well as cedars and some pine species from the local area and beyond. If we don’t make the size you require as part of our stock, we will do our best to fabricate it for you on the premises. We even work with your BYO timber when possible.


Nicole Renee Wings & Wheels 021 BThe production of our unique rustic picture frames requires a marriage of the most basic framing techniques with the latest in modern tooling and framing technology. The process is complicated and involved and differs from one type of timber to another, with each frame being unique in its own right.

Once the frame is created, it then goes through a process of finishing that is the same as that employed on fine furniture. The end result we strive for is to enhance your own or chosen artwork without overwhelming it. Here is the chance to acquire your own unique piece of décor for your home, your workplace or as that special gift.

You can view our gallery of past works for design ideas and examples of what can be done for you no matter your taste or intentions. We advise that our Past Framings Australia currently contains works from the last couple of years produced in Australia from Australian timbers. Our latest works from American timbers, will be featured in Showcase and 2014 – 2019 as they become available.

Mirrors are one of the most practical pieces of home or office décor. Surrounding them with a natural timber frame, be it a simple profile or unique rustic shape, can add a special feeling to an entrance foyer or room as well as providing a practicality.

We produce mirrors to most sizes. This can vary considerably, and with regard to rustic framing is sometimes dependent upon the timber used. We say this because, by nature, not all rustic timbers come in long, straight lengths.

Even so we will strive to do our best to source the look you are after.